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Erica Dorrill

EricaPrincipal Erica Dorrill first started dancing at the age of  two and a half at her local dance School in Derbyshire...

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Ella Lucy Hunt
Assitant Teacher


Ella started out with school from the young age of two years old all the way through until she was ten...

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Working Hours

Tuesday 10.30 - 1.30
Wednesday 11.30 - 1.00 & 5.30 - 8.30
Thursday  5.30 - 8.30
Friday 10.30 - 1.30 & 4.15 - 6.30
Saturday 10.00 - 3.30
Sunday & Monday Closed


Calle Carlos Diez, 17d
Los Montesinos

T: 662 003 823

or 662 137 329

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Welcome to Footwork Dance

Footwork Dance prides itself on being a fun and versatile school with an array of different classes to suit everyone.

Footwork has grown and changed with the times all the way through from 1994 to present day allowing us to have gained over the years the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the extremely high standard in everything we do.
We have a wide range of classes, from the more traditional Ballet, Tap, Modern, Acrobatics and Tai Chi, to the more exercise based classes such as Dancercise and Ballates We have also just introduced Musical Theatre, Drama, and Street Jazz, for boys and girls to our timetable enabling our students to expand their skill set to beyond just one speciality.
Our school provides a fun, happy, and most importantly a safe environment where people of all ages can come together to either train, exercise, or even just socialise knowing they all have at least one thing in common…
A love to Dance!


Dance is a great form of exercise, not only for toning and defining muscle but also cardiovasculy and for releasing the endorphins that give that feel good factor,  you  may feel lethargic before a class but once you arrive you will leave feeling in a much better mood and full of energy!